Viimeisimmästä bucketlistasta onkin jo aikaa, ja nyt kun iphonen muistiot täyttyy unelmista aattelin kirjottaa ne tänne ylös.

// It has been a while when I wrote my last bucketlist and now ’cause my iphone is full of notes what I wanna do and explore in the future, I decited to write them here too.



1. Summer in Munich

2. Erasmus exhange -year

3. October – Holiday in France (& maybe baby Barcelona)


5. Summer in USA (?)

6. Tour – United Kingdom & Ireland

7. Degree from KyUAS …….

8. GELATO in Italy

9. Amsterdam part 2 ✓ 

10. Interrail

11. Flying Monkey all over the World

12. Praha 2015 – Ice hockey world championships

13. Master degree abroad

14. Learn German, Spanish, French (& Improve my English)

15. Love your friends and family ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 


Let’s see how much it will change and how much I’ll make come true!

Short break: Amsterdam vs. Rotterdam

I made it! My short holiday in The Netherlands was something that I’ll always remember. Haha, anyway during 4 days I had a time to explore Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Last time when I was in Amsterdam I fell in love with the city, people, everything. This time it happened with Rotterdam. I guess it is the atmosphere which is in The Netherlands what makes people come back?


During The World Cup you have to exprience Dutch soccer-madness. To be honest, at that point when Holland scored I was concerned about my safety when people were jumping and screaming.


I still feel that soccer is not my thing but man’s gotta do what man’s gotta do…


Best thing about Amsterdam is that everywhere you go you are always surrounded by water. (It also got me to walk around in circles.. It’s confusing that everything looks same!!)


After my night at the airport, I went to Rotterdam. A train ticket to Rotterdam from Amsterdam is around 7-16€. My first impression about Rotterdam was that “Sh’t this is totally different”.. With tall buildings and everything.. I walked around the city for 4 hours. I had time to see a lot; harbor, parks, happy people etc.. Rotterdam is full of shops and different things to do, so next time when I go there I really do wanna spend more than just half day or one day there.



– Public transport ate my money (the trams, metros, busses, trains…)

– For a Dutch student public transport is free from Monday to Friday (AWESOME!!)

– If you want or you need to sleep at the airport, check this first http://www.sleepinginairports.net/

– The Dutch people speaks really good English

– If you travel during the world cup, go to watch the games to Museum Square

– You can find a free wifi from the train station, train, mc’donalds, burger king, starbucks… Most of the bars have free wifi too. Basicly you can find it almost in every corner.

– Hostels, hotels, BOTELS.. If I ever go back to Amsterdam I’ll book myself a bostel. (For example: KLICK KLICK! http://www.amstelbotel.nl/?lang=de)

– http://www.iamsterdam.com/en-GB/experience/what-to-do & http://www.timeout.com/amsterdam/en/attractions/things-to-do-in-amsterdam

– My favourite kind of shopping in Amsterdam > http://www.amsterdam.info/markets/

– Be aware that smell of the weed is always there

– The Nightlife is amazing. Enjoy yourself

Suomeksi: Kaikki hyvin kotona ollaan. Tai Münchenissä, joka tuntui yllättävän kodilta palatessani. Eniten ihmetytti kuinka kotoiselta saksan kieli tuntui hollannin jälkeen. Oli uskomatonta et musta tuntu että ymmärrän taas ihmisiä vaikka ne puhuu vaikka edelleen todellisuudessa mun saksa on alkeistasoa? Viikonloppu oli täynnä seikkailuja. Vietin öitäni hostellissa, lentokentällä.. Parasta oli että ehdin kokea myös Rotterdamin. Hollanti on tehnyt pysyvän vaikutuksen ja nyt tämän reissun myötä muodostui takaraivoon ajatus jos jossain vaiheessa olisi mahdollisuus suorittaa esimerkiksi työharjoittelu siellä. Tai työskennellä muuten vaan. Tuhlasin kaksinkertasen määrän rahaa mitä olin suunnitellut, suurinosa siitä meni julkiseen liikenteeseen, syömiseen jne.. Haha. Huolestuttavinta oli että tunsin Hollannin olevan kallis maa.. Saattaa pikkasen ottaa koville palata Suomeen tän Saksan reissun jälkeen. = 2 kassillista ruokaa kaupasta 15€, viinilasi baarissa 2€..)

How to survive in Munich? (part 1)

1. First. You need a place to sleep. Go to a website wg-gesucht.com and hope for the best. Sorry, I don’t have anything else to say. For me it was mission impossible, and Im forever thankful for one person who helped me.
(You can always sleep in a tent and you can even find others doing it right next to the central station. I’ve also heard that there is plenty of space in U-Bahn tunnels. – If you want to be arrested.)

2. You can save money If you use a Bike. (If you do that; please remember to ring your bell every minute, yell angry things with your native language and try to hit at least 10 people per day.)

3. If you choose to use public transport, make sure that you have your ticket with you. If you don’t have it – speak in a random language which is too difficult to even bother with, so when someone asks you for the ticket you can pretend to be just a stupid tourist. (this works only once, or maybe not even then, so just buy the ticket)

4. Learn a few phrases in German. (Bavarian!)
Servus! = Hello
Genau = Exactly
Ja = Yes
Alles klar = Yes ok
Alles gut = Everything fine
Du hast wunderschöne Augen! = You have beautiful eyes!
Zu mir oder zu dir? = To your place or to my place?
Practice makes perfect= Übung macht den Meister

5. Anytime when local don’t speak English but still speak to you, answer with your own native language. They will leave you alone.

6. In a train, if you say to everyone who tries to sit next to you “Good morning” they will go away.

7. Just in case, IF you wanna meet new people and socialise, you can try this website: toytown.com or oh yeah, couchsurfing.com. You can also join these groups in Facebook: Neue in München or New in Munich. Tinder is a great way to meet new people too, just remember always with new people = Stalk them first from Google, facebook etc. Meet them in a public place, remember to have a plan B… This is the most important : Trust no one.

8. During the Worldcup, wear your flag. (NOTE: If you come from Finland: act that you dont care, or wear your Finnish ice hockey jersey.)

9. Don’t go to the Autobahn in a shitty car. Just dont do that.

10. Now. Last but not the least. In Munich (and in Bavaria). Beer is the thing. You can start or end your day with beer and no one cares. Just follow the locals. Soon you’ll drink like the Bavarians . The hardest thing for me has been learning to not look that wasted. (Cmoon, one bottle is like 1€ – 0,5lt – 5,2 %. Two of those makes me speak fluent English, three makes me speak German and everything after that makes me a stupid Finnish who didn’t know how to drink.)

Extra tip: And NEVER DRINK Weißbier from a bottle.

My internship in Munich

Yazaa! I’ve worked here in Munich now two weeks and maybe a bit over 200 hrs. Haha, but that’s a good thing at least I have something to write about.


I work in a company called Radius Tours & Bikes, basicly they sell tours for the tourists and rent bikes. I spent my first days exploring tours and places around Munich.

My first tour was Bike Tour. 3hrs cycling around Munich, visiting places like Odeonsplatz, Hofgarten, Old Town, English Garden, Chinise Tower & Banks of River Isar. Tour and city by itself was amazing, and because it was my first days here too the tour was good way to see good places to hang with friends.


Second tour was The Third Reich in Munich. Tour was more serious of course. It was interesting to learn now things. I felt myself a bit outsider since I dont know that much about second World war or Adolf Hitler. Tour gaved me lots of information and it made me even more interested about this.

The next days of my first week I spended in the office. Learning now things; reservations, booking, customer service.. It might seem simple, but a lot of things to remember. That was the point where I felt that my brain will explode in any minute.


In the last day of my first week I got change to participate to a day trip – To Salzburg! Yes, si, oui, kyllä. Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities where i have been visited. I said to a tourguide, that if I lived in a place like this I could not breath. Or at least it would be hard because no matter where you look you can see amazing view which takes your breath away.


Then…. Fairytale continues. Next tour was a day tour to Neuschwanstein –castle. Castle is know about King Ludwig II, who was crayz about building castles. Castle is also know for beeing Walt Disney –logo. Our tourguide took us to the Castle, to the bridge (!!) and also to a secret waterfall. In that moment I felt like I’m going to cry. Seriosly, I haven’t seen views like that ever before. Finland is flat and full of lakes and that place was opposite of it.


Next tour. Dachau. Concentration camp and also a town in Germany. A sad place with a terrible history. I saw things there what I really dont wanna see anymore. I felt like a piece of sh’t when I was standing in the grave of anonymous people and taking photos of it. In that point, I didn’t know am I doing right or wrong? History of Germany is complicated, of course. But it’s so close. 1933-1945 it’s not that far. This tour was a good reminder for me, don’t complain about everything and be happy



Because THE FUN comes always after, I made Beer & Food –tour at the same day but in the evening. First thing what I learned : Everything good starts with PROST! And you remember always look in the eyes while you’re doing that with someone… If you forget, that’s 7 years of bad sex. A few facts about Beer in Germany: It’s not alcohol, it’s classified as food. The only ingredients you can use are: water, hops and malt. In Munich, they have “the big six“. Six big companies who produce the Beer. And if I got it right, it’s legal to drink 2 litr of beer during a lunch hour?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGerman food. Really? It was amazing. Everything you can hope for – salt, fat. (= Heartattack) I found many things with I could live the rest of my life. (Plus Ice cream, gelato, you know..)


HEY ALL! My name is Riia (Rizle works too..). Finnish girl, currently in Munich. I’m doing my first internship here and in Finland I study in the Kymenlaakso’s University of Applied Sciences. Someday I will graduade and then I’ll be “Multilingual Assistant”. Sounds pretty cool, ha?


In this map you can see where I’ve visited so far… My plan is to fill this map with “stars” before 2020.


So I’ll try to write in English, sometimes even in Finnish.. Don’t care about mistakes, we all make them…

Cheers! Or should I say PROST, from Munich