3 x Things Dutch people do (and why I care)

This post is not to hurt anyone, and I hope the Dutch friends I have will not walk away after reading it. This list is made out of my own observations and conclusions, and I will free myself from any type of responsibility according to the text. Enjoy!

1 Like every language, also the Dutch have their own nice and original twists in it. In Dutch language, every word usually gets “je” after the actual word. I´m not quite sure is it to make everything cuter or? If someone has an answer for this do tell! Why do I care: Anyway, I cant help it, but every time I hear it, this happens in my mind. Things get smaller.

Have you ever heard a Dutch saying in English “Let’s go for a small beer/ Let’s do a small beer before” Yeaha, this explains it right?



2 They do “Stilte Saunas” – “Always the fuzz about Sauna. “We happen to know best, yes. OK so Silent Sauna. Sauna here is considered as a treat, which doesn’t happen often. Well, to the wellness centers I have gone to Sauna, they have Saunas that are called Finnish Sauna. But 90% of them, are silent. 60% of them, you cant pour water to the fireplace.

Why do I care: This is why I trust no-one.

3 Dutch keep asking questions. I read it somewhere before, the Dutch dont much enjoy being at the center of attention. They prefer to ask questions. Thousands of questions. Not only from foreigners but from everyone. It goes really funny when two Dutch meet for the first time and they both are avoiding being in spotlight. It doesn’t affect me in negative way, but it is still overwhelming to keep up with all the “????”.

Why do I care: More than 10 strangers knows way more than the should about my, from simple queuing, supermarket, bus, train – conversation. Its not that I blame those who ask, maybe I shouldn’t feel too kind and answer.

BurgerBar @ Plein

Saturday and you only had two Food truck-festivals to choose from. Obviously you “can’t” find anything nice and then you get this great idea to go to Subway to get a nice sandwich. When you get to the spot where the Subway supposed to be, you notice na-aa, not today. The Subway is gone, and someone decided to open a BurgerBar here!

Burgers, why not. So I enter, and what do I see?! The most awesome decoration and biiig burgers. It might have something to do, that the subway that used to be there was quite ugly but yeah, BurgerBar is decorated to every single detail.

BurgerBar gives everyone the opportunity of building their own burger. From a long list, anyone can become a burger king and choose what is today’s mood! We started with the basic beef, from Ireland. Then some blue cheese, fried onions and finish it with fries and truffle mayonnaise. Two burgers, friends and the mayonnaise were approx 20€. 

The customer service was on point, and besides that we got to see the burger preparing progress live from weighting the beef to putting it between the buns. BTW, I never had such crispy fries before!!



Day in Utrecht

I could blame myself for being lazy after I realised that I did not visit Utrecht yet. That happens when you are living in a city that has everything, believe me! The Hague has not betrayed me still.

Since Utrecht is just 40 minutes away, we decided last Saturday to head there and see why everyone is talking how nice the city is.

The speciality of Utrecht is the canal that goes through the centre, and from the photos below you can see how it is in two levels. I could describe it that on the upper level people are in rush, walking fast and on the lower level the world stops and everyone just enjoys the moment. Very magical atmosphere!


We came across a market in front of Central Station, so it took a while to start looking for a lunch place. At this point we were so hungry, that we took the first place that had space next to the water and was somewhat affordable. Tapaskelder had different tapas-plates from different price categories, and even though we took the cheapest, as you can see, it was a lot! Food was very tasteful and nice. I could recommend this place!


A wine lover always finds her way to the good wine places. By accident we found Wijncafé Lefebvre which seems to be the Wine-bar of the year as well! The system was nice, from the menu you could see the price category and then more information about the wine and where it comes from. We almost decided to take “bad wine” – wine that wasn’t our taste, but luckily you can taste everything before you make your final decision.


The Dutch Summer (to be continued)

O key, I am horrible. I haven’t even thought the whole blog in months.

The leaves should be falling now but this Dutch Summer has gone over the limits. September and sun keeps till shining to us, its about 25 degrees outside and I haven’t started to use coat yet. A week ago I started my internship and my colleague mentioned that I should write something about my first summer here.

But because it is still going on, let’s take a look to the Finnish one.












Our one month holiday was very busy, full of attractions and loads of good weather. Next writing will be about the summer in NL, no matter if its still going or not!

Ijshockey in The Netherlands

About the Dutch hockey

The Netherlands is member of The Ice Hockey Federation since 20.1.1935. In total, Dutch are 2,888 registered players. Out of those; 1,465 are men, 1,194 juniors and 229 women. Referees they have in total 57, indoor rings 26 and outdoor rings 2. Men’s World Ranking is 25th and women’s 17.

The population of The Netherlands 16,998,165.

For comparison, the statistics of Finland

Source: International Ice Hockey Federation










‘BeNeliga’. Founded 2015, 16 teams from The Netherlands and Belgium, divided into two groups. BeNe-league has quite some players from outside of Belgium and the Netherlands, but still the majority are Dutch and Belgians.


Fins mentioned twice!























Under you can see in this order; tallest-, shortest-, heaviest-, lightest-, oldest- and youngest players.















Source for Dutch statistics


As supposed to support the local, the best and the only option was to go with HYS The Hague. The team has played good this season and now they are fighting in the play offs. For suprise, Dutch people can be quite supportive when it comes to ice hockey, even though they are known for Football.


Carnaval Roosendaal


After some months even the coolest exchange student life will change a bit, slowly into so called normal life. The first months are basically sightseeing, then you kind of forget how it felt to see everything for the first time and usually around this time you start looking for interesting events etc. to remind yourself that it really doesnt have to be only routines.

We wanted to experience our first Carnaval in the Netherlands and because we were really late and didnt know where would be the best party, we just decided to try Roosendaal and lucky enough, we ran into a full carnival. People in Roosendaal really knew how to make best out of the Carnival parade and I’m pretty sure that every single habitant of the city was out during this day.

// Karnivaalia karnivaalin perään. Roosendaalissa oli meno kohillaan.

IMG_20160206_140743 IMG_20160206_141211 IMG_20160206_145847 IMG_20160206_150539 IMG_20160206_150328 IMG_20160206_154335 IMG_20160206_154545IMG_20160206_145610

8 x Praha

1. Landscapes





2. Czech hockey and beer


3. Sint-Vituskathedraal – just because it’s stunning and the name means something funny in Finnish haha


4. Still the best burgers I’ve ever had – Cafe Palanda


5. The cars – I will research why Prague had almost better cars than Munich


6. Street art and underground bars

7. Coolest trams I have seen so far

8. Traditional sweet with chocolate


Obviously the best thing though was the company..

IMG_20160304_145044IMG_20160304_161203 IMG_20160306_145656

❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞


I’ve been on holidays for a bit over month now from school. It may sound that I don’t have anything to learn, but actually I’ve been busy now for quite some time with five different languages and yes, soon my head will explode and I think I need to take a ‘no-speaking’ holiday just to recover my chin and mouth.

Five different languages. Finnish as a language to speak on the phone and to confuse my mind, also the language of the source I read news. English as a first communication language so as studying and job-interview language. Swedish, because of this mandatory course I need to take online to finish my degree. On top of these, German is constantly confusing me since it is somehow related to Dutch which is the language I’m spending most time to learn and also I hear/read all the time around me.

To explain why I feel this confusing and head-exploding, I decided to write the same text with all of those five different languages for you to show how much grammar I have in my head but also to prove how far my first aka mother tongue is from all of those languages. First, for warm-up..

Very simple. Number 77.

English = seventyseven,
german = siebenundsiebzig,
dutch = zevenenzeventig,
swedish = sjuttiosju
and finnish = seitsemänkymmentäseitsemän.

Now, sorry Swedish, but I’m gonna drop you out since I still need to write an essey and 10 assignment in Swedish which is more than enough for the rest of my life.

My name is Riia. I come from Finland and I am twentyone years old. I live now in the Netherlands. I have lived here for five months. I speak English, Finnish, German and now Im learning Dutch. I study in the Hague University of Applied Sciences. In August I will start my internship here. My family is me and my mom. I have one sister, she is thirtynine years old and she has two kids.

Mijn naam is Riia. Ik kom uit Finland en ik ben eenentwintig jaar oud. Ik woon nu in Nederland. Ik heb hier vijf maanden gewoond. Ik spreek Engels, Fins en Duits en nu leer ik Nederlands. Ik studeer aan de Haagse Hogeschool. In augustus begin ik aan mijn stage hier. Mijn familie bestaat uit mijn mamma en ik. Ik heb ook een zus, zij is negenendertig jaar oud en heeft twee kinderen.

Mein Name ist Riia. Ich komme aus Finnland und ich bin einundzwanzig Jahre alt. Ich lebe jetzt in Niederlande. Ich habe hier seit fünf Monate gelebt. Ich spreche Englisch, Finnisch, Deutsch und jetzt studiere ich Niederländisch. Ich studiere in der Fachhochschule in Den Haag. Im August werde ich ein Praktikum beginnen. Zu meiner Familie gehören meine Mutter und ich. Ich habe auch eine Schwester, die neununddreißig Jahre alt ist, und sie hat zwei Kinder.

Minun nimeni on Riia. Tulen Suomesta ja olen kaksikymmentäyksivuotias. Tällä hetkellä asun Alankomaissa. Olen asunut täällä viisi kuukautta. Puhun englantia, suomea ja saksaa, ja nyt opiskelen myös hollantia. Opiskelen ammattikorkeakoulussa Haagissa. Elokuussa aloitan täällä työharjoittelun. Perheeseeni kuuluu minä ja äitini. Minulla on sisko joka on kolmekymmentäyhdeksänvuotias ja hänella on kaksi lasta.

This is how I would give an answer to the question how are you.. Obviously easiest thing when learning a new language is to speak about yourself and it can be seen also in the texts above. Not too much sweet (free-time) – Back to studying now!

Amazing Estonia

Tere! After Christmas, 26st of December our group of 9 started our trip to Estonia by train at 6 am. From the very beginning, we were laughing our eyes off. In Finland, making noise sometimes impacts to other people that way, that they start to stare at you. Yes again that happened. Luckily, our group is really good at ignoring other people and their weird looks. We just focused on having fun and enjoying our time!

We traveled with Eckerö Line and stayed in Nordic Forum Hotel in Tallinn 26.-28.12.


First day, we spent walking around, doing some shopping and then spending a lovely evening in Beer House, Tallinn. The Beer House offered us good selection of beers, delicious food and entertainment by live music. Highly recommended by all of us, even the teenagers fell in love with the place!


Second day, we decided to do something very different and contacted The Escape Room Tallinn. After walking around and finding amazing restaurant for the evening, 6.15pm we arrived to Escape Room -office and soon started our escape which happened girls vs. boys. Slaughter room and prison break.. Girls got closer to the great escape, but both teams couldn’t escape the room on time. After that, we end the day in Texas themed restaurant. Such an amazing service, delicious food and quite cheap prices. Definitely, worth a visit if you travel to Tallinn.


All in one, the romantic and absolutely adorable Tallinn didn’t let us down.


Have I learned something in The Netherlands?


This year, oh boy. Last summer I came back to my hometown, got really close to my family and spent awesome time with my grandma as I was living in her house. Felt pressure to decide what to do in the future, but also that something will change soon. In august, when I left everything behind, I soon found something that basically changed my whole life. A bit later in autumn, I got very bad news from Finland and thought that I should come back, at least for a few weeks. A huge thank for my visitors from home, because of them I got myself back together and noticed that I’m still part of their life and distance started to feel less far than before.

Somehow during everything, I decided to start to live this life for myself and to do whatever I want. The things that I’ve got from The Netherlands, besides awesome people and unbelievable moments, are… 

If I wouldn’t be a Finn, I would never try to learn to language. No no no. The more I study or think the Finnish language, the more confused I am. Though, maybe now I could finally pass those Finnish exams I had a few years ago.

Dutch as a language, even if its rated one of the easiest to learn (from European languages to native English speaker).. I don’t believe this. I cant even pronounce the basics yet and I have been here for 4 months. I hope the miracle will happen soon.

Christmas eve and Santa Claus are not the only nice family celebrations and I did learn something new from Sinterklaas -celebration that I think its actually better than the tradition I’m used to. Now I can put both together “get the best of both worlds”!

The fact that I’m born in one country, doesn’t mean that I need stay there forever. It is OK to have more than one family and it is totally fine to build the life you want, even far away from the closest people.

When I communicate with different language, I should maybe explain myself better sometimes.
And I should give up totally with my awkwardness and just go with the flow of kissing and hugging people more.

It is cheaper and faster to travel from Amsterdam to Helsinki than from Helsinki to very north of Finland.

Note to self: Don’t keep those meltdowns inside, let them out straight away and you’ll get rid of them!
Note to all: If you really want something, you’ll always find a solution to get/keep it.

“Life is the best time of the human being” Literally translated orig. “Elämä on ihmisen parasta aikaa”

A Happy New Year to all! Peace and love for the year 2016!