Frustrations of the NL

Long time no see!

Since there haven’t been any trips that I could share tips, I decided to tackle on something about the Netherlands. (Again….)

After moving to The Netherlands 1,5years ago, I haven’t suffered from many cultural shocks and getting used to things has been quite smooth… Till one day when I realised that NO, it cannot be correct. The questions invaded my head: Is it everywhere like this? What did they think? WHY? Everyone really has dishwashers? 

I started to research the topic more and soon realised that this country indeed is filled taps that are too short, small or placed very poorly. 

Ladies and gentlemen: Do lots of people recognise this or admits that also their home country tends to have taps like this?

I have questions to you people, who decided for the taps of The Hague:

  1. How are you supposed to wash your hands under this if you are any older than 10 years old?
  2. How do you avoid the water going everywhere else except to your hands?
  3. If you decide to install this to the kitchen, have you ever washed any wok pans under this tap?

Last time when I claimed that Santa Claus comes from Finland, the ‘real one’ replied to me from Alaska. I am looking for similar impact with this post and hopefully, there is one professional who could explain/argument enough to make this right.


Some suggestions for the future:

Kuvahaun tulos haulle tap for kitchen


The Travel Guide

For past three months my head has been in this travel guide that I have been working on for Hotelschool The Hague where I work as an intern at the moment.

Just on time, before the holidays. It is finally done! Now everyone, please celebrate this with me and spend well the next 5 minutes by reading it from cover to cover.

Read it via Issuu


And there we go again

Every time I get mad of not understanding what is happening around me, or someone makes a remark of the effort they are putting to speak English to me… I think of the same question: Why I find it annoying to speak about language matters?

I have put an effort on learning Dutch. I studied half a year in school and took private lessons, however, since I haven’t been learning for a while, my progress has been slower recently. My level in Dutch is high enough that I can’t fully block what is happening around me, but low enough to not to have courage to speak it too much.

No blame for the Dutch, they have treated me well by speaking English all the time and the times they forgot, it doesn’t really matter.  I guess in my home country, it is harder to get people to speak English anyway. Many countries still struggle with shyness of speaking other language, or the lack of learning other languages…

Should I speak English to be polite or Dutch for you to learn? Should she say to me if she wants me to speak English? Should I ask everyone in this table to speak English because she is here? Will I ever be fluent enough that they don’t switch to English? Will they ever know how this feels? Does it stay like that or do I feel 100% like home once?

Annoying to speak about language matters?

First of all. It is annoying because

  1. I still have not figured out, should they speak Dutch for me to learn or English to be polite
  2. It makes me miss my language and how free I feel while speaking it
  3. My English / Finnish vocabulary is not comparable

Besides these, it took a year to figure, but because

Other people have the power to decide for you whether you want to listen, comment, answer or pay attention… How many times have you heard, or said yourself?  “We spoke in English, because it was boring and nothing important to you”... See, there it is. A decision you made, or they made, for them or for you.

Just to clarify, I’m not complaining. More like thinking.

Day in Utrecht

I could blame myself for being lazy after I realised that I did not visit Utrecht yet. That happens when you are living in a city that has everything, believe me! The Hague has not betrayed me still.

Since Utrecht is just 40 minutes away, we decided last Saturday to head there and see why everyone is talking how nice the city is.

The speciality of Utrecht is the canal that goes through the centre, and from the photos below you can see how it is in two levels. I could describe it that on the upper level people are in rush, walking fast and on the lower level the world stops and everyone just enjoys the moment. Very magical atmosphere!


We came across a market in front of Central Station, so it took a while to start looking for a lunch place. At this point we were so hungry, that we took the first place that had space next to the water and was somewhat affordable. Tapaskelder had different tapas-plates from different price categories, and even though we took the cheapest, as you can see, it was a lot! Food was very tasteful and nice. I could recommend this place!


A wine lover always finds her way to the good wine places. By accident we found Wijncafé Lefebvre which seems to be the Wine-bar of the year as well! The system was nice, from the menu you could see the price category and then more information about the wine and where it comes from. We almost decided to take “bad wine” – wine that wasn’t our taste, but luckily you can taste everything before you make your final decision.


The Dutch Summer (to be continued)

O key, I am horrible. I haven’t even thought the whole blog in months.

The leaves should be falling now but this Dutch Summer has gone over the limits. September and sun keeps till shining to us, its about 25 degrees outside and I haven’t started to use coat yet. A week ago I started my internship and my colleague mentioned that I should write something about my first summer here.

But because it is still going on, let’s take a look to the Finnish one.












Our one month holiday was very busy, full of attractions and loads of good weather. Next writing will be about the summer in NL, no matter if its still going or not!